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Lana Rhoades Goes Anal

Lana Rhoades goes ANAL! HOLE-y HELL - This scene might break the internet! This is Lana like you have NEVER seen her before. The stunning brunette is, by far, one of the most beautiful girls to hit porn valley, and lucky for us, she loves getting fucked for Jules Jordan. In fact, she saved her wild, untamed, ASS-debauchery just for us - and for YOU. First, smoking hot Lana gets milky, caressing her perfect, real titties and teasing her sweet, hungry pussy. So beautiful and soft, you have no idea what's in store... This gorgeous, blue-eyed slut shows how filthy she gets, especially in the tub. What's bathtime without some rubber duckies? And you can guess where those 5 rubber duckies END up, can't you? They're not the only things that wind up inside her perfect butthole - but we can't spoil it all for you. This is an insane ass-fucking scene, Lana Rhoades like you have always wanted to see, getting royally butt-fucked, cumming hard, gaping wide, deep-throating massive cock, and constantly begging for more. She's insatiable. She's hungry. She's Lana fucking Rhoades!
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FreeOnes.com Review

It would be impossible for me to list all the directors, producers and actors that I have seen come and go in the porn industry. There are not many who have been able to weather all of the changes that have been made over the years. Jules Jordan is one of the survivors that sits atop his field. This site is a top-notch look at how hardcore porn should be presented. Buckle up for a wild ride! Read full review click here.

JulesJordan.com Review

We have to be aware that in this day and age, paying for porn is rare. It’s too simple not to and the plethora of options for free content is never-ending. With that in mind, Jules Jordan offers a site that renews the faith in pay-worthy content and leaves the user feeling satisfied in more ways than one.

Starting with the content itself, Jules Jordan lands the most stunning stars in the industry, and he always has. The man has vision and translates that vision with every up-skirt, tease, photo, and his signature upstairs-booty-view. He engages with his starlets in pure gonzo brilliance, getting them to talk right to him, or the viewer, about what it is they’re looking forward to. Not only does this site feature his full line of scenes, but it showcases the naked goddesses in their best light, both figuratively and literally, with the help of stunning scenery, hot outfits, kinky costumes, perfect lighting, make-up, and more.

If you are already aware of Jules Jordan, you know there is little that isn’t done in front of his lens but he is certainly known for getting backdoor-action from his very willing participants. Between the extensive amount of anal scenes, IR sex, and more, you’ll be hard-pressed not to find something that will appeal to you. If you aren’t aware of Jules Jordan, chances are it’s simply because you’re a slightly younger demographic that was raised watching adult content illegally or illicitly. Jules Jordan scenes aren’t easy to find elsewhere, and with good reason. This is the stuff worth paying for.

The site itself focuses on what you’re there to see – the women. With minimal distractions, it’s simple to navigate based on the porn star you’re interested in, or the category that appeals to you; i.e. blondes, facials, tattoos, and so much more. Perhaps you’re interested in seeing the clearest, 4K version of your favorite Jules Jordan scenes from his particular movie series, simply navigate through the MOVIES tab. At your discretion, rate your favorites and save the best for your next login-session. It’s catered to you and there when you want it. You’ll see scenes based on scenes you love and, therefore, discover new girls and flicks to add to your personal FAVORITES that you may have once overlooked.

Full scene descriptions are available for all content, so you’ll get a taste of what you’re in for with each scroll of your mouse or thumb. The most popular babes are sorted up top, as well as the hottest scenes on the site. Teaser shots are available for every scene, including upcoming releases, building your anticipation and letting you know before anyone else. Every click is a reminder that you get what you pay for. Your membership also means you can download every photo and screen capture along with the main content in HD on your mobile and 4K on your device, provided it’s compatible. This content is meant to be scene in the highest quality available and it’s worth every single penny.

In summation, it’s easy to find adult content on the internet for free, but it’s risky and often not worth it. As with anything else, just because you can get it for nothing doesn’t mean you should. You’re worth more than that, maybe it’s time you treat yourself.

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